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Windjana Gorge, Western Australia.

  • Location: Western Australia
  • Distance: 7 kilometres
  • Time: 3 hour hike
  • Terrain: Track / Rock
  • Traditional Custodians: Punuba

The Gorge Walk follows Lennard River which has carved through the Devonian limestone of the Napier Range. The riverbank provides an ideal habitat for the leichardt tree, paperbark cadjeputs and native figs. In the pools freshwater crocodiles lounge whilst corellas flock along the cliffs and treetops. This is a significant place for the Banuba people and the Wadjina are the creation spirits of this important area of the Kimberley.

  • Windjana Gorge, Western Australia
  • Windjana Gorge, Western Australia

Acknowledgement of Country

Wherever and whenever we walk, we acknowledge and pay our respects to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people as the Traditional Custodians and Owners of the land.