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Hannah Fox Exhibition ‘Undertone’ | Shimmer #2, Oil on Canvas, Custom Oak Frame, 125 x 155 cm

Hannah Fox’s New Exhibition ‘Undertone’ Explores Place, Landscape & Environment

Coming up at @14 Gallery, Melbourne-based visual artist Hannah Fox will show ‘Undertone’, her exhibition of new paintings responding to place, landscape and environment.

Hannah is a professional practising artist based in Naarm (Melbourne). As a Monash University Fine Art alumnus, Hannah has exhibited extensively both nationally and abroad in solo and group exhibitions, as well as being selected for national awards. Her work is held in private Australian and International collections and is regularly commissioned from public and private clients.


Undertone is Hannah’s eighth solo exhibition.

— a subdued or muted tone of sound or colour;
— an underlying quality or feeling;
— an implicit, hidden force that shapes the meaning or effect of something else.

Hannah encounters landscape though all the senses. Rather than depicting the physical truth of a landscape, she aims to express its essence, its underlying quality . . . or its undertone.

Drawing upon remembered places, sensations and images in her mind, Hannah creates an abstract interpretation of what the land presents . . . leaves that scatter the bush floor, aubergine shadows, milky-white peeling bark, the pink dappled sunlit earth.

Hannah’s work addresses themes of history and memory, as well as sustainability and respect for the environment, and a sense of self, belonging and togetherness. This new body of work arose from Melbourne’s awakening from COVID lockdowns. Walking the grounds of her local tracks and creek trails, Hannah found solace and wellbeing through time spent in nature, staying close but looking further and deeper.

The audience is invited to experience Hannah’s artworks and to connect with the natural environment, enabling a sense of communion between each other and the land. Visual art can transform one’s ordinary experience into insight, leading to a broader, richer understanding of the world and our place in it.

Join Hannah, as well as special guests Tamsin O’Neil (Editor of Walkers Journal) and Susie Thatcher (Writer), at the exhibition celebration drinks on Friday 3 June.

From Monday 30 May, email Hannah with requests for the exhibition catalogue and price list.

“What painting and landscape both share, for me, is thinking and contemplating through a ‘felt experience’. Painting is my approach to thoughtful engagement with my surrounds. By listening holistically and reflecting on my physicality within the landscape, I am reminded to celebrate our connection to nature and utilise my visual language to tell the story of a place.”

— Hannah Fox 2022


Tuesday 31 May – Sunday 11 June 2022. @14 Gallery (14 Langridge Street Collingwood VIC 3066)

GALLERY HOURS: Tuesday—Thursday 11am—3pm, Friday—Sunday 11am—5pm.


Friday 3 June, 5—7:30pm, @14 Gallery

With guest speakers Tamsin O’Neil (Editor of Walkers Journal) and Susie Thatcher (Writer).


hannahfox.com.au | @hannahfoxart


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