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Sea to Summit’s Evolution In Tent Making

Sea to Summit

Sea to Summit, the globally recognized adventure equipment brand headquartered in Perth, Western Australia, is pleased to announce the company’s entry into technical backcountry tents. Following more than three years of rigorous research and design, Sea to Summit will be releasing two lightweight tent models, the Alto and the Telos, along with an expansive line of accessories for Autumn 2021.

With 30-years of rich history in product innovation and engineering, Sea to Summit is excited to, once again, introduce genre-shifting technology with the release of the Alto and Telos tents. In partnership with Jake Lah, Founder and Head of Design at DAC, the world’s foremost tent pole manufacturer, the tents will feature revolutionary Tension Ridge™ pole construction, alleviating two common pain points of modern tents: liveable space and ventilation. The Tension Ridge™ architecture allows for an inverted pole design that angles up to achieve unrivaled internal height, ceiling ventilation, high vertical walls to accommodate modern, thicker sleeping mats and pillows, and a more accessible dry entry/exit. The result is a roomy experience with a superior space-to-weight ratio that outperforms any other tent in its class.

“While the solution was simple, engineering the Tension Ridge™ presented significant challenges,” explained Jake Lah, an expert of modern tent architecture. “By inverting the angle of the brow pole, we achieve best-in-class interior space and ventilation, without adding weight or bulk to the tent.”

Likewise, the Tension Ridge™ architecture makes Sea to Summit tents highly adaptable to temperature and humidity. Both the Alto and Telos tents are outfitted with a unique, adjustable cross-ventilation system consisting of a Baseline Vent and an Apex Vent. The construction and position of the Apex Vent allows for significantly better airflow and more effective condensation mitigation.

Sea to Summit places a great deal of focus on designing versatility and adaptability into every detail. These tents are loaded with custom and proprietary hardware, and many thoughtful features like the modular FairShare Storage System that allows for easy division of the tent amongst campers, a pole storage case that doubles as a LightBar™ for interior illumination at night in combination with a headlamp, and tent and fly stuff-sacks that clip into place as a storage pocket inside the tent. For people who love stargazing, but fear rain; fear no more. Both Alto and Telos provide the flexibility to leave the rain fly in a star-friendly, partial, or fully-opened position. The rain fly remains ready to rapidly deploy should an early-morning rainstorm appear. However, the best party trick is the Telos’ ability to transform into a roomy open-air shelter for cooking, shade, and weather protection known as Hangout Mode.

“We always set out to design the best gear — to do things differently and rethink every detail, starting from scratch,” said Roland Tyson, Founder and Head of Design at Sea to Summit. “The core areas we looked to tackle are common pain-points — space, climate, and adaptability. We’re very happy with what we’ve accomplished here. And, we’re thrilled to partner with Jake Lah of DAC, a pioneer in modern tent design and architecture. This is a true partnership, unlike anything either of us has taken on before.”

Both the Alto and Telos tents come with a range of model-specific footprints and accessories, to fully customize the perfect tent to climate and feature preferences. The Alto and Telos tents will be available for purchase at select retailers and in Autumn 2021.

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